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Having been born and grown up in the North West of England, and remembering trips when I was younger to the West Pennine Moors, it always seems particularly important for me to go back drawing and painting in the landscape I know.  The West Pennine Moors have become a wonderfully inspirational part of the world for me, quite a few of which are detailed in this collection.  The moors have a calm, and an energy within them.  An energy that can so quickly change from calm and tranquillity, into howling winds and torrential downpours. 


I always attempt to capture the beautiful, and also the not so beautiful in my work, and the changing and evolving atmosphere, energy and light.  It is a constant search to capture the impression and the feeling of really being there (which is why much of my work is done in the landscape itself, or en plein air), of feeling the cold, the wind, the rain, the sun, the clouds, the air.  It is also a journey and a search for the soul and energies of the places I work in, and a personal search within myself for my own place, my own soul, and my own energy.

Working in and around the area that I live in the North West of England and the places that are familiar, gives me a particular sense of belonging and a particular passion for the work I produce, and the landscapes close by are a constant inspiration.  There are numerous works from the Dalton and Heskin areas in the collection, the majority of which were painted in situ and in various media, from oils to watercolours, and charcoals to pencils. 


Working in situ, or en plein air, as described of the Impressionists, is the major provider for my inspiration.  Being and working in the landscape and nature itself is my true inspiration.  I will often walk for miles before finding a place to work, sometimes I will not work at all, but just walk and be, and discover places to paint or draw.  Claude Monet once wrote: “The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration”.  I try work in all weather conditions (though sometimes that can prove close to impossible !) to try to feel and touch, and give an impression and feeling of the day I am with and experiencing.


Thank you for taking the time and interest to look at my collection of works, and I do hope you will visit again and hope to hear from you soon !


Take care